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ABOUT Green Peak

Green Peak is a small company specialising in video and photographic production.

We offer a bespoke service that will be designed around the customers' needs and requirements. The service we provide involves all aspects of production, from the initial ideas of pre-production, the planning of the production stages right through to the final stages of editing and post-production including the design and authoring of the final DVD.

We are mainly involved in the production of documentaries and promotional programmes for bands, individuals and companies.

Green Peak has produced several programs about steam locomotives and other railway orientated subjects. These are on sale at various preserved railways around the country.

Green Peak have also been responsible for the production of promotional material for several individuals and company's, including Brig-Ayd Controls and Atlas Clinical. Brig-Ayd Controls have distributed over 5,000 copies of their promotional DVD to clients and customers.

Green Peak has produced several promotional videos for bands including, The Telephones, The Burners, and Black #5. Armies by Black #5 was a single from the CD Last Few Hours was played on national cable channels.


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