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- 92214 on the East Lancs Railway
- A Momentous Occasion V5 (short)
- Steam In The Valley - Short
- Bitten by the Bug

Other Work

- Album Beauty
- The Telephones/Black #5
- Armies by Black #5

Burlesque Performances

- Ava Bonham-Garter - Maleficent
- Mrs Hawkins - When You Are Good To...
- Cadillac Arrest - Bordello Bump 'n' Grind
- Cadillac Arrest - Venetian Masquerade


92214 on the East Lancs Railway

92214 on the East Lancs Railway is a program showing a journey along the length of the East Lancs Railway. The program begins with footage of a snowy Bury Bolton Street station where the train is boarded for a journey behind the locomotive to Heywood and the return journey back through Bury to Ramsbottom.

At Ramsbottom the driver invites us onto the footplate as we continue onwards to Rawtenstall, Here the engine runs round the train, the crew tops up the water and the engine couples up ready for the journey back. We continue the rest of the journey from the footplate as we return to Bury Bolton Street station.

This video is a short excerpt showing the journey from Ramsbottom to Rawtenstall.

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