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- 92214 on the East Lancs Railway
- A Momentous Occasion V5 (short)
- Steam In The Valley - Short
- Bitten by the Bug

Other Work

- Album Beauty
- The Telephones/Black #5
- Armies by Black #5

Burlesque Performances

- Ava Bonham-Garter - Maleficent
- Mrs Hawkins - When You Are Good To...
- Cadillac Arrest - Bordello Bump 'n' Grind
- Cadillac Arrest - Venetian Masquerade


Armies by Black #5

Black #5 "Armies" From the CD "Last Few Hours" - Produced by Pat Grogan and Black #5 Recorded April -- June 2004 - Single released summer 2005 -- Air played on both Kerrang and Scuzz TV channels - Thanks to Wayne Curley, Adam Oakley and Nick Dacey on cameras, Chris Collingwood at Loose Management and Stephen Newman at Headroom Records. Also thanks to the band - Dale Jeffrey on Bass, Dave Roff on Drums, Phil Collingwood on Guitar and Neil Muralee on Vocals. Edited, produced and directed by Paul Green.

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