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- 92214 on the East Lancs Railway
- A Momentous Occasion V5 (short)
- Steam In The Valley - Short
- Bitten by the Bug

Other Work

- Album Beauty
- The Telephones/Black #5
- Armies by Black #5

Burlesque Performances

- Ava Bonham-Garter - Maleficent
- Mrs Hawkins - When You Are Good To...
- Cadillac Arrest - Bordello Bump 'n' Grind
- Cadillac Arrest - Venetian Masquerade


The Telephones/Black #5

The Telephones are a Derby band. This promo was part of a project I was working on, the audio has been remixed and this has produced a heavier guitar orientated sound.

Black #5 were a band from Burton-upon-Humber. Armies was a single released by the band from their CD "Last Few Hours" which was released in 2005.

Everything set in stone is a track recorded live at The Carnival Inn, Burton-upon-Humber. This is from the DVD "last Few Hours".

Last Few Hours contains live footage of the band Black #5 performing their last ever gig. In 2005 the band Black #5 had split up, on May 6th 2006 they reformed to play a one off gig at The Carnival Inn, Burton-upon-Humber.

Despite not performing for nearly a year the band played a full set that included all of their own songs and a few cover numbers. At the end of the gig there are a couple of moving speeches. This program is a little bit of history in the making. The DVD also includes the promo video for the single "Armies".

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