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NEWS: September 2022

Brassic returns for eight brand-new (mis)adventures on Wednesday, September 7 at 10pm, Sky Max and streaming service NOW. All eight episodes will also be available on demand.

The first episode of the new season sees the gang heading to Wales for Ringo and Babs's wedding, with plenty of antics set to ensue.

I have a small non speaking part, a character called Walter, in episode 1.

October 2017

NEWS ARCHIVE: Gallery202

I started filming the Whitehead rebuild as a university project in 2007 and is something that I am still working on 8 years later. From 2007 until 2011 I acquired nearly 30 hours of video footage and took several hundred photographs. This exhibition shows one of these photos that was taken as the ash pan was being repaired.

I had completed a 6 minute video program as part of my degree show in my final year at university. This program documented the beginning of the project and covered a period of approximately six months during which time the locomotive was stripped down to its component parts and some of the repairs had been started. This program (Bitten By The Bug) was updated and placed onto my web site in 2010. (This can be seen on the videos section of this web site)

I am intending to complete the program in the near future and will have the DVD for sale on my web site upon completion.

Album Beauty

Erik Kessels 'Album Beauty'is a short documentary on show at QUAD until the end of May. The documentary, shot on location at QUAD on the opening day of FORMAT13, tells the story behind some of the pictures on display and was filmed, directed, produced and edited by Paul Green of Green Peak.

Album Beauty, an exhibition of found photographs curated by Erik Kessels, is an ode to the vanishing era of the photo album. Once commonplace in every home, the photo-album has been replaced by the digital age where images are now jpegs and live online and in hard drives. These visual narratives are testament to the once universal appeal to document and display the mundane. Often a repository for family history, they usually represent a manufactured family as edited for display. The albums speak of birth, death, beauty, sexuality, pride, happiness, youth, competition, exploration, complicity and friendship.

Erik Kessels: Album Beauty is curated by Erik Kessels in collaboration with Foam Amsterdam.

The Rosas Trilogy

by Marinella Senatore screens at QUAD on Wednesday 27th February at 6:00pm.

I was involved in this project from February until July 2012. Initially as a cameraman and then as part of the team involved in the digitising of the footage and also synching the sound with the video prior to the editing process.

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