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- 92214 on the East Lancs Railway
- A Momentous Occasion V5 (short)
- Steam In The Valley - Short
- Bitten by the Bug

Other Work

- Album Beauty
- The Telephones/Black #5
- Armies by Black #5

Burlesque Performances

- Ava Bonham-Garter - Maleficent
- Mrs Hawkins - When You Are Good To...
- Cadillac Arrest - Bordello Bump 'n' Grind
- Cadillac Arrest - Venetian Masquerade


Steam In The Valley - Short

This is a short excerpt from the second of 2 DVDs from "Steam In The Valley"

Steam In The Valley is a double DVD that tells the story of the re-opening of the railway line between Wirksworth and Duffield in April 2011. The first DVD covers much of the restoration work involved before the opening of the line and has been produced and edited by Paul Rayner. Paul is a volunteer on the railway and was involved in much of the huge effort that was required by the civil engineers to get the track, signaling and stations ready before the official opening. This DVD has narration by Neil Ferguson-Lee, another EVRA (Ecclesbourne Valley Railway Association) volunteer.

DVD running time - approximately 55 minutes

Production by Paul Rayner

The second DVD shows the opening, some of the speeches and also includes journeys along the line with both steam and diesel traction. This DVD does not contain any narration but does include some captions.

DVD running time - approximately 55 minutes

Production by Paul Rayner & Paul Green

Steam In The Valley - 13.95

50% of the profits from the sale of this DVD will be going to the EVRA.

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